Photo by Dennis Smith

The Philadelphia Cyclocross School (PCS) is an organization founded with these simple goals in mind:

1. The Philadelphia Cyclocross School is a non-profit, elite development cyclocross team designed to promote local awareness of the sport and foster competition to strengthen professional cyclocross in the United States. Our goal is to become the top development team in the mid-Atlantic region.

2. We will create a team structure that promotes cultural exchange between our elite European rider, elite American riders, and our junior riders as well as within the rest of the cyclocross community. Our team structure will focus on using the experience of the elite riders to educate our juniors in cyclocross training, race tactics, equipment maintenance, and professionalism. The structure of having elite racers mentoring junior riders is what will make The Philadelphia Cyclocross School (PCS) the top development program in the mid-Atlantic region.

3. The Philadelphia Cyclocross School was initially founded in order to provide a program to bring talented young European cyclocross racers to the United States. To experience
our culture of racing and share their European experience with the American riders on the team. While we still hope to continue the tradition of cultural exchange with European riders, the focus of the team has shifted toward creating a better system of development for our American junior riders. We hope to fill our roster with one European elite rider, a national caliber American U23 or elite junior, and one junior rider from the Cadence Cycling Foundation (CCF) program (CCF is a program that creates an opportunity for under- served youth in the Philadelphia metro area to participate in cycling and learn valuable life skills both on and off the bike). The Philadelphia Cyclocross School already has numerous successful sponsor relationships from previous seasons, these sponsors will play a very important role in the success of the team.


For more information, please contact us HERE.

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